Think Radio’s Electronic, Electrical Installation and Repair Services
Repairs, Cables and Power Supplies

Repairs, including completely non-functioning equipment of unknown cause, failed power supplies, unfortunate incidents where an incorrect voltage has been applied (all too easily done with older equipment with manual voltage selectors), non-functioning switches, dodgy connectors, broken or burnt-out indicators, and broken displays.

Also adapting equipment to run on UK or US mains voltages, eliminating batteries to run on mains power (particularly for a battery type that is no-longer available), or alternatively adapting mains-powered equipment to run on modern batteries.

General Electrical and Electronic Work

General electrical work (installing power distribution, rewires etc.) is a job for electrical contractors, however the more specialised control systems and ‘smart building’ technology is rapidly becoming commonplace. Need some smart building tech installing? Problems with an existing installation? Contact Think Radio.

Or are you at the other end of the spectrum with gear that could do with another lease of life?
Ancient alarm system that no-one will maintain any more?
Ancient intercom system that no-one will fix any more?
Whilst not primarily an electrical contractor, I’m a chartered electrical engineer (MIEE/MIET), and can sign off a variety of installation and non-installation electrical work as safe and compliant with regulations.