Think Radio Audio & Scientific Services

Everything from fixing broken leads/connectors/switches to non-functioning modern, or vintage, equipment. What Think Radio can’t fix can be referred on to specialists in individual brands, right up to rebuilds of major pieces of studio equipment. Almost any custom lead/cable can be made to order.

We all love our classic audio gear, but much of it may be showing it’s age with noisy controls, unreliability, and general crackles and hums. Fortunately most gear of this era was built to be repairable. A personal network, built up over years, can help you connect with obscure spares, if necessary.

Scientific and Technical Services

My original calling in fact, laboratory equipment of every kind. Usually this sort of gear is built to a very high standard, and may have a service life measured in decades, perhaps long, long after the manufacturer has disappeared or moved on. If necessary, unobtainable vintage parts can be designed-out and replaced by equivalent circuitry of equal or greater performance. Alternatively “donor” instruments can be sourced to help with a rebuild. As with audio equipment, almost any custom lead can be made to order.

Calibration, Adjustment and Precision Measurement

Calibration and adjustment is rarely an issue with modern digital equipment. Precision crystal oscillators provide time references, and every other parameter derived from time or voltage references. But older analogue equipment may be different, particularly as capacitors age and change value. A common solution is to replace older caps, and recalibrate. Agilent and Keighley precision voltage/current/frequency measurement is available.