Think Radio Engineering Services
Based on the edge of London’s Square Mile

Think Radio covers the whole spectrum, from no-notice requests for minor work (or even walk-ins for previous customers), through to a complete product prototype, and all intermediate steps, along with help filing patents and referrals to other relevant professionals.

  • Minor modifications and repairs to electronics – through to the complete electronics prototyping process, including printed circuit boards, and embedded software.
  • Solving particular design issues such as radio communications, sensor selection and implementation, and supporting firmware.
  • Support services such as patent drafting.
The Complete service

As part of what Think Radio offers, it is normal to provide guidance and specialist-referrals to other professionals with the skills to help you.
Another essential area is advice and referrals on getting PCB’s manufactured, components mounted, and production testing.
Other referrals include mechanical design, mouldings, 3D prototype manufacture, production moulds etc.

Technology Transfer

What happens once Think Radio has completed the work you have requested?
Will you come back to Think Radio for future products based on this one, or enhancements to your current products?
Or will you be looking to take over the process yourselves? (or work with another contractor 🙁 )

Whatever you choose, Think Radio will ensure you have access to everything needed, source-code, PCB designs etc. However an important part of that is it not costing the earth to set-up on your own, so Think Radio uses a mixture of free & open-source tools, free tools and low-cost tools to minimise the barriers to entry. In a sector where a software tools licence can cost tens-of-thousands of $/£ per year, you need a technology transfer that you can afford to adopt (also see the Tools and Debugging section for more information). You will receive extremely detailed HOW TO instructions to ensure that you can reproduce any work Think Radio carries out.