Diagnostics, Modifications & Repairs by Think Radio

It could be that the only service you require is to diagnose a problem, perhaps for the purposes of resolving a dispute with a manufacturer or parts supplier.

In some cases that may involve determining if parts are on-specification, were correctly labelled, or even if the parts are genuine. A production issue may not be the fault of your manufacturer, but of the parts supplied to them!
Or it may be the case that a lurking design fault has surfaced, perhaps because of larger production volumes, or normal component variations have just pushed the design outside acceptable limits.

Complex digital faults can be diagnosed with 200MHz mixed-signal oscilloscope / logic-analyser, or very high-performance equipment hired-in if necessary.

Modifications & Repairs

Although modification and repair is not Think Radio’s core business, it sometimes happens that a critical and irreplaceable piece of equipment fails, usually at the worst possible time.
For laptops and phones, please use a specialist repair service.
For rare, or custom-built, or specially-modified equipment, especially if it’s urgent, especially if no-one else can help, please contact Think Radio.


Reverse-engineering White-room Urgent WorkProduct teardowns are the disassembly and examination of of competitor products, often involving calculating the approximate Bill of Materials (BOM) for commercial evaluation purposes etc.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is the process of producing a product that copies some or all of the functionality of another device, by minutely examining its observable external behaviour, and probing its internal design and behaviour (e.g. by constructing a schematic diagram for the electronics of an unknown design).

White room

White-room achieves the same thing, but without violating copyrights or patents, by only copying the observable external behaviour, and reproducing the internal behaviour through a different design.

Urgent Work

Think Radio is also able to offer equipment modification and repairs, including out-of-hours/urgent work. Where necessary, where “they don’t make them any more”, Think Radio can source hard-to-get spare parts, or design and build an alternative replacement for completely unobtainable parts.