Think Radio Products Available to Rent or Buy
Rentals! Rentals! Rentals!

Think Radio is very nearly ready to commence rentals, in the Central London area, of LightShip wireless ambient & immersive live-event lighting. The Think Radio live-event lighting solution is the ultimate in portability, fast-rigging and ease-of-use.

A lighting rig in a lunch-box!

Think Radio is an event lighting company, ambient, immersive, lightweight, inexpensive. It’s a completely new approach that puts creative lighting into the hands of the creatives, and breaks down the barriers between an audience and performers. It’s the difference between watching an event, and the audience actually being part of the event.

What makes Think Radio, and Think Radio products special is the radio technology. Both built into Think Radio products, and also available as a contracting service to incorporate into 3rd party products.